About Vintage

We teamed up with the danish watch brand About Vintage on a mutual journey towards timeless storytelling for timeless timepieces.
With a vision of being relevant both today, tomorrow and for posterity, About Vintage’s focus is to create simple, spectacular watches for both men and women.

Client: About Vintage
Services: Brand, Portraits & Product videos

About Vintage - Chronograph 1815

Portrait - Jakob Spangsberg


Vintage is not just a reference to style and time, but also the journey towards. Life creates small moments and unforgettable experiences that change one’s eyes on the world.

Their hope is that one day you will look at your watch and remember the time that has passed.

Portrait - Nikolaj Lund

About Vintage - 1815

The design originates from the minimalist and Scandinavian expression, high quality and a design that combines vintage details with classic elements. About Vintage strive for the perfect balance between the timeless design and details that create space for the individual style.

To commemorate the century’s long history, each model is named with reference to the most significant year of Horology.

1815 – 1821 – 1844 – 1957 – 1820 – 1969 – 1971