MUF10 ‘Imprisoned by’

MUF10 'Imprisoned by'

‘Imprisoned by’ is a short documentary of the inspiring story behind the Scandinavian brand MUF10. It’s rooted in current culture and is known for its bold stylish experimentation and unpredictability.

Client: MUF10
Website: muf10.com
Services: Brand Video

MUF10 'Imprisoned by'


MUF10 has lifted from the hood to high fashion. Originally Reza Etamadi made clothes for his friends in the ghetto, but nowadays you will see international style icons and influential fashionistas wearing their items. In the nightlife of Copenhagen, MUF10 has succeeded in building a bridge between the polished parts of society and the public housing district.

The result is an urban integration process that the government can only dream about. For their newest collection MUF10 has teamed up with some strong international partners, ANTONIA in Milano & Macao, Harvey Nichols in Shanghai and Birger Christensen in Copenhagen. With these collaborations, Reza Etamadi, a former criminal, is breaking the rules in new ways and has been able to distance himself from his former life while forming MUF10.